Berlin Boombox


The first 100% recycled ghetto blaster on the market, and it’s eco-friendly!

Aren’t you sick and tired of looking like a douche when you’re listening to your mp3 player around your neck, in the street? Have a little bit of self respect…

To fix your problem, the Berlin-based designer Axel Pfaender has created, especially for you, the first DIY Boombox.
For only £55 of your own pocket money, money that you will not spend on illicit substances, you will receive at home, your DIY Berlin Boombox, that you will build with your tiny little hands.

exploded view of the berlin boombox

The concept is rather interesting because it mixes the oldschool boombox style with today’s audio technology. Made with 100% recycled cardboard, delivered with a class D amplifier (very energy-efficient, only 3 batteries will give you 200 hours of music) and a couple of speakers 2×5 watts. Now, you will be able to listen to your Mp3 player, smartphone, laptop, gameboy… with style and dignity. A smartphone app has even been developed with a custom audio profile for the Berlin Boombox.

Three different ‘Berlin Boombox’ are on sale. One with a white design, another one with a brown design and the last one, without designs to customize it as you pleased.

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To order you own Berlin Boombox and to get more info, it’s here


French Chiptune Artists Ultrasyd hooks up his gear to a Berlin Boombox for a nice new oldschool jam. All music composed on a Game Boy (program LSDJ) and Atari STe (program maxYMiser). Other equipment: Korg Kaoss Pad Mini, mixer, Berlin Boombox.

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