Vinyl Record Art – Koi Carps


A journey to Japan through the Vinyl Record Art!

The Asian culture and especially Japan, have always made a great appeal to me. Rich in history, arts, symbolic and iconography, the Asian culture is a great source of inspiration.
The koi carp is an ornamental fish very appreciated in the Land of the Rising Sun, she is, in South-East Asia a symbol of love and friendship.

Through my art, the sculpture on vinyl record, I wanted to immortalise this magnificent symbol that is the koi carp. The choice of the vinyl, blue with black spots, has imposed upon itself. The blue obviously representing the water ripples. The black spots in some areas, add a bit of depth to the sculpture.

On my website, you will be able to watch some of my accomplishments carved from vinyl records!

handmade craft art, koi carps carved from a vinyl record