Hotline Miami 2 – The collector’s edition


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number releases a special edition with its entire soundtrack on vinyl

hotline miami 2

Usually, I do not address the issue of video games in this blog, but to echo the recent release of the second part of Hotline Miami, I’ll make an exception. The soundtrack of the first game was already very immersive, aggressive, enjoyable, transgressive and deliciously Old School… the second one seems to be as good as the first one. But this time, the development studio Devolver Digital offers a limited edition with vinyl records!

The Hotline Miami 2 : Wrong Number “Vinyl Collector’s edition” therefore contains three LPs with the 28 tracks of the game, a phone card with a code to download the game on Steam and the whole soundtrack in digital format. Just something to please the fans and attract the curious ears!

hotline miami 2, the vinyl records

For those who already know the game, they will find on this second one the artists such as: M|O|O|N, El Huervo or Perturbator and the newcomers: Megadrive, Mitch Murder and Magic Sword.

I recommend you to play to Hotline Miami. This independent video game offers an adventure resolutely turned to nostalgia, mixing with success pixel, challenge and hemoglobin. The acoustic atmosphere is rather extraordinary: the massacres are supported by catchy music and may turn you into a true psychopath.

It has to be noted that the cover is a triptych made by Niklas Akerblad!

triptych, hotline miami 2

You can buy this collector’s edition on