Music Bands & Lego


A series of photos of the most iconic music bands … all built in Lego!

To surf on that Lego‘s wave and because I love this construction game, I commissioned at the end of 2014, an advent calendar only built in Lego.
I particularly wanted to present it to you in its entirety.

This project was imagined and designed by Matthieu Urbaniak and realized in collaboration with the photographer Pierre Desrumeaux.

The logic dictates that there is 1 photo a day… and the logic was right because you have 24 photos. They searched, manipulated and assembled a bunch of little pieces to create skits around musical artists … and god knows if the cast was hard! It’s never easy to choose The Bee Gees to the detriment of The Gypsy Kings…

I let you discover this wonderful series of photos. I hope you’ll enjoy the work!

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