From Vinyl to Vinyl in 50 years


The history of the vinyl record in 50 years, from its birth to its renaissance!

Who’d have guessed that the vinyl record could reborn from its ashes?
Certainly not the record dealers, who, not so long ago were still, one by one, closing their doors!
Even less the recording industry, who is shot down, little by little, by the Web!

For the last 2 or 3 years, the vinyl records sales have been doing well. More and more, the record companies are repressing old and classic albums. The artists choose to release their new albums on vinyl records rather than on CD. The Djs are still using records for sampling or mixing… Finally the lovers of the music and the support, the collectors can’t get rid of it because the sound quality produced by the vinyl hasn’t found yet an equivalent.

From darkness to the light, from ashes to the renaissance, the vinyl record offers itself an attractive return to basics and recovers a beautiful health.

To illustrate those words, The Music Bed has created an infography tracing the history of the audio formats these last 50 years or so and highlighting the resurrection of the vinyl record.

The history of vinyl record from it's beginning to date