Interviews Record Collectors

Interviews Record Collectors

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Record Collectors from all around the world

From Paris to Tokyo, from New York to Milan and from Los Angeles to Montreal, we wanted to give a voice and a face to the record collectors from all around the world! In the form of an interview, collectors lend themselves to the question / answer game and share their story as well as their particular relationship to the vinyl record. From the amateur to the enthusiast, from the cracking record sound that blends with childhood memories to the late love affair with the support, they all have their own story to tell. Each of them is unique, exciting and to be discovered with a certain undisguised pleasure!

Where the record collectors are from?

Emma, record collector from Syracuse, NY – USA

On my journey, I made a stop in Syracuse, NY and met Emma. Young collector, she started collecting records about a year ago. With...

Elisabetta, 70’s pop rock fan & record collector from Turin –...

In those complicated times it’s nearly impossible to leave home, to have a drink with friends, a meal with the family and unfortunately impossible...

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