Lazy Sunday – Back to the basics with The Roots


the lazy sunday, a mix and a day at home

A journey through time in the Philadelphia’s Hip Hop with a mixtape that tells of the career of The Roots

This is the first Sunday of Spring; we are expecting to open the windows wide, to enjoy the terraces, the first barbecues and good music. For the last part, trust us, The Lazy Sunday Mix is always there to fill your ears with good tunes!

If there is one mix which we could not do without, it’s this one. Today we share with you a mixtape done by Qool Dj Marv, a NYC based Dj. Among the major groups who have made the history of Hip Hop, you can not miss The Roots.

the roots, the band sat around a table

From Philadelphia, a city oh how soaked in Soul and R’nB, she gave birth to this group whose career is only a reflection of this very present musical culture. The mix of Qool Dj Marv reviews in a couple of hours the band’s discography and only highlights the powerful musical legacy of Philly appropriated, assimilated, enhanced and transcribed by The Roots.

To create this mix, Qool Marv wanted to tell a story: the story of The Roots. He then imagined two scenarios.

The first one:

He wanted to explain to his mother who was The Roots. From playing music on a South Street corner in Philadelphia to becoming an international and famous key group in the history of music. To even becoming the house band of the famous American talk show “The Tonight Show” hosted by Jimmy Fallon. Behind this scenario, it’s hidden the idea of a mix for older generations.

The second one:

He imagined the story of a father and son who would have hit the road together, from Philadelphia to New York, to get to the show “The Tonight Show.” Via this 2 hours road trip, and through this mix, the father wanted to explain to his son what the Hip Hop was in his time.

Here is what could have been the conversation:

– After each and every song, son asked “That’s them too?”
“Yes, that’s them too,” smiled Dad.
“They sound so different, every song,” the boy with the eager ears said.
“Well, they are musicians and their main voice, Black Thought, what a name eh(?), he’s more than a rapper, he raps poetry, stories, information and encouragement.”
“I thought rappers just talked about themselves and how they the best,” said son.
“They are best at self-aggrandizement, I always needed more son,” taught Dad.
(The Seed 2.0 starts playing)
“Oh who is this? Are we finished listening to the Roots,” asked son.
“That’s them too,” beamed Dad while reaching for the + sign on the volume control.
“Wow, that’s them too,” said son with a voice that trailed off as he looked out the window and saw New York City on the horizon.

(Narrator: “Each time [son] asked “That’s them too,” in his mind’s eye, heart & soul and deep in his consciousness, he was actually saying, “That’s me too. That’s me too. That’s me too. That’s me.”)…

– Press play and enjoy your Lazy Sunday –

Hour One

1- Possibility (2nd Movement) – The Roots – Undun
2 – The Roots Is Comin’ – The Roots – Organix
3 – Essaywhuman?!!!!! – The Roots – Organix
4 – Intro/There’s Something Goin’ On – The Roots – Do You Want More?!!!??!
5 – Proceed – The Roots – Do You Want More?!!!??!
6 – Star – The Roots – The Tipping Point
7 – A Peace Of Light [feat. Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian, Haley Dekle] – The Roots – How I Got Over
8 – Act Too (Love Of My Life) – The Roots – Things Fall Apart
9 – What They Do – The Roots – Illadelph Halflife
10 – Peace – The Roots – Organix
11 – In The Music [feat. Malik B., Porn] – The Roots – Game Theory
12 – Don’t Feel Right [feat. Maimouna Youssef] – The Roots – Game Theory
13 – Bread And Butter [featuring Truck North] – The Roots – Game Theory
14 – Water – The Roots – Phrenology
15 – Can’t Stop This – The Roots – Game Theory
16 – Now Or Never [feat. Phonte, Dice Raw] – The Roots – How I Got Over

Hour Two

17 – Good Music – The Roots – Organix
18 – The Session (Intro) – The Roots – Organix
19 – The Next Movement – The Roots – Things Fall Apart
20 – Sacrifice (Live on BBC Radio One’s Worldwide Show with Gilles Peterson) – The Roots – Home Grown! The Beginner’s Guide To Understanding The Roots Volume 2
21 – Rising Up [feat. Wale, Chrisette Michele] – The Roots – Rising Down
22 – Lost Desire [feat. Malik B., Talib Kweli] – The Roots – Rising Down
23 – Do You Want More?!!!??! – The Roots – Do You Want More?!!!??!
24 – Unwritten [feat. Mercedes Martinez] – The Roots – Rising Down
25 – Long Time [feat. Peedi Peedi, Bunny Sigler] – The Roots – Game Theory
26 – Waok (Ay) Rollcall [feat. Ursula Rucker] – The Roots – Phrenology
27 – The Seed (2.0) – The Roots – Phrenology
28 – Din Da Da – The Roots – The Tipping Point
29 – How I Got Over – The Roots – How I Got Over
30 – Finality (4th Movement) – The Roots – Undun
31 – Dear God 2.0 [feat. Monsters Of Folk] – The Roots – How I Got Over
32 – The Fire [feat. John Legend] – The Roots – How I Got Over