The first hours of the Vinyl Record Art

The story begins with my passion for the vinyl record. Having some scratched records at home, I, one day, asked myself, what could I do with them.

The firsts tracks of the Vinyl Record Art

Here are the first tests of Cb… Tests that could be considered as demos on which the artist would have dropped a few ideas of composition before seriously starting the production of the Vinyl Record Art.

The First Tests series shows us the quest of the artist searching for his style, with his tools in his hand and a few ideas to carve out from his vinyl records. But since his beginning described as “chaotic” by the artist himself, Cb… learned to better orchestrate all of this to gives us more sophisticated records, although still handmade.

The First Tests are in some ways the tracks of the B side that we still listen to with a bit of nostalgia.

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