Music Bands & Lego

A series of photos of the most iconic music bands ... all built in Lego! To surf on that Lego's wave and because I...

The Lego Turntable by Hayarobi

A turntable made of bits and pieces but mostly Lego bricks... and it's fully functional Lego fan Hayarobi spends hours making original creations. This time,...

Lego Record Store

A record store entirely built on Lego. The artist and photograph Eldeeem, an absolute fan of Lego built a nice record store made from Lego. Brick...

Lego & Music

How to spend your rainy Sundays? Building Lego obviously! Here is a little Lego series, built on a rainy day. A series about music, Djs…...

Also on Cb... Vinyl Record Art

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