Lazy Sunday Mix

Lazy Sunday Mix

lazy sunday mix

The Lazy Sunday Mix: Or how to spend your Sunday with good music!

As we know it, Sundays were invented to do nothing. But nothing prevents you from doing it in music! If God created the Sunday to recuperate, Cb... reinvented it into a sharing moment with The Lazy Sunday Mix! Indeed, every Sunday, we'll propose you a new mix. Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Electro... the selection is varied. From the artist the least well-known to the biggest DJs, we will present you their most highly qualitative mixtapes. We like music and we also like to share. So remember: - Press play and enjoy your Lazy Sunday - To stay connected and be aware of the latest mixes, you can also follow The Lazy Sunday Mix Facebook page.

Straighten It Out Volume 2 by Jim Sharp

Another great Soul, Funk, Hip Hop mix by Jim Sharp! This is the last Sunday before Christmas! The race for gifts is almost done and...

X-Files, the minimal techno mix by Channel X

A tribute to Berlin with a House / Minimal Tech mix performed by Channel X We will, once again, have a little rest at home...

Sims highlights the samples used in the French rap

2 mixtapes of 1hr each to discover the samples used in French rap The Sundays follow, but do not resemble, one another. To warm up...

Lazy Sunday – The Minimal Electro of N’to

The French Touch has never been so thriving in recent years! The Minimal Electro / Techno mix by N'to is there to prove it I...

No Sleep, the very Electro mix by Odesza

No.Sleep - Mix.05: A mixtape that attracts the sun, makes you want to dance and puts in a good mood, courtesy of Odesza I do...

These Are The Breaks, a Hip Hop mix by Krafty Kuts

A block party mix of classic Hip Hop, funky beats and upfront breakbeats It's Sunday, the friends are at home to enjoy with us the...

Nu-funk /ghetto funk / breaks, a mix by Sherlock Ohms

An eclectic mixtape with Swing and Funk that will make you dance! Another weekend with one of the most capricious weather! We will again spend...

A Flute Funk mix by Dj Mentos

Dj Mentos offers us a 100% Flute Funk Mix! If you want to spend a quiet Sunday with nothing to do but rest at home,...

A sensual mixtape by Prieur de la Marne

Du plaisir avec Prieur de la Marne, a carnal mix that does not feel like getting out of bed! There are Sundays, especially in winter,...

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