27 Club

27 Club

27 club, the legends of rock

Introducing the 27 Club! The Rock'N'Roll Legends

27 Club – Episode 6/6: Jimi Hendrix

Episode 6: Jimi Hendrix: The Voodoo Child! In our last article about The 27 Club and not the least, I'll tell you about a fabulous...

27 Club – Episode 4/6: Janis Joplin

Episode 4 - Janis Joplin : The Pearl of Rock’n’roll! The lightning career of Janis Joplin began in 1967 to go out in 1970 in...

27 Club – Episode 3/6: Amy Winehouse

Episode 3 – Amy Winehouse: A diva with a velvet voice and a self-destructive temperament! Kids! We are on the 23rd of July! The exact...

27 Club – Episode 5/6: Robert Johnson

Episode 5 : Robert Johnson : The devil's hand! → Discover our design inspired by the story of Robert Johnson carved out from a recycled...

27 Club

Introducing the 27 Club! The Legends of The Rock This story is not in any textbook. This is certainly not something that you learn in...

27 Club – Episode 2/6: Kurt Cobain

Episode 2 – Kurt Cobain: The hypersensitive prince of the Grunge music scene of Seattle! On April 5th, 1994, Kurt Cobain has passed...

27 Club – Episode 1/6: Jim Morrison

Episode #1 - Jim Morrison : The Rock'n'Roll's damned poet Today, it has been 43 years since Jim Morrison died. 43 years that his...

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