27 Club

27 Club

27 club, the legends of rock

Introducing the 27 Club! The Rock'N'Roll Legends

27 Club

Introducing the 27 Club! The Legends of The Rock This story is not in any textbook. This is certainly not something that you learn in...

27 Club – Episode 2/6: Kurt Cobain

Episode 2 – Kurt Cobain: The hypersensitive prince of the Grunge music scene of Seattle! On April 5th, 1994, Kurt Cobain has passed...

27 Club – Episode 1/6: Jim Morrison

Episode #1 - Jim Morrison : The Rock'n'Roll's damned poet Today, it has been 43 years since Jim Morrison died. 43 years that his...

27 Club – Episode 5/6: Robert Johnson

Episode 5 : Robert Johnson : The devil's hand! → Discover our design inspired by the story of Robert Johnson carved out from a recycled...

27 Club – Episode 6/6: Jimi Hendrix

Episode 6: Jimi Hendrix: The Voodoo Child! In our last article about The 27 Club and not the least, I'll tell you about a fabulous...

27 Club – Episode 3/6: Amy Winehouse

Episode 3 – Amy Winehouse: A diva with a velvet voice and a self-destructive temperament! Kids! We are on the 23rd of July! The exact...

27 Club – Episode 4/6: Janis Joplin

Episode 4 - Janis Joplin : The Pearl of Rock’n’roll! The lightning career of Janis Joplin began in 1967 to go out in 1970 in...

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