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Fire & Water: A best of Lauryn Hill in 2 volumes and mixed by J. Period

Susan Ertz rightly said: “Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon”. She was not entirely wrong… Cb…‘s blog does not promise eternal life but ensures you something to do for this Sunday: Listen to a good old Lazy Sunday Mix!

A few Sundays ago, we presented you, with his mixtape as a tribute to James Brown, J. Period, an excellent Dj from Brooklyn. We do it again with another of his mixes, but this time with a very good Best of Lauryn Hill.

lauryn hill

It is no more necessary to introduce Lauryn Hill. From her early career with The Fugees and the stunning album “The Score” to her solo career with the magic “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” who received a Grammy Award and recently inducted into Library of Congress, the diva of R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, gave us a nice career. She intoxicated us with her powerful and melodious voice with some classic tracks such like “Ready or Not”, “Ex-Factor”, “To Zion”, “Just Like Water”

This week, Lauryn Hill has celebrated her 40th birthday. This is an opportunity for us to highlight today the double best of “Fire & Water” signed by J. Period. This mixtape obviously is composed of hits of the charismatic singer (solo and with The Fugees), but also includes exclusive remixes, rare & unreleased material, live shows, interviews… 2 hours of pure happiness! We could almost get tears in our eyes so this mixtape tracing the career of Lauryn Hill is beautiful!

– Press play and enjoy your Lazy Sunday –

Volume #1: Fire

Volume One: Fire

1. Welcome: The Passion
2. The Reintroduction F. Rohan Marley
3. Lost Ones (J.Period Soundclash Remix)
4. Lost Ones (J.Period Definition Remix)
5. Vocab Interlude
6. Nas On Lauryn Hill
7. If I Ruled The World
8. If I Ruled The World (J.Period Lost Tapes Remix)
9. Keep It Tight F. Dj Skribble
10. On Poetry (Interlude)
11. Family Business
12. Year Of The Dragon F. Wyclef
13. The Score
14. Meeting The Fugees Interlude
15. Nappy Heads (Remix)
16. Flex Freestyle (J.Period Remix)
17. Black Thought Interlude
18. Doo Wop (J.Period Atliens Remix)
19. Doo Wop (J.Period Books Remix)
20. Sweetest Thing (Mahogany Remix)
21. Mahogany F. John Forte (J.Period Remix)
22. Ready For The Show
23. Ready Or Not F. Biggie (J.Period Exclusive Remix)
24. Message Music (Interlude)
25. Recognition F. Wyclef (Panther)
26. Rumble In The Jungle F. Q-Tip & John Forte (Remix Produced By J.Period)
27. Refugees In Sweden Interlude (Live Exclusive)
28. Zealots
29. ‘96 Uk Freestyle (Unreleased)
30. How Many Mics
31. How Many Mics (J.Period Truth Remix)
32. Buju Banton Interlude
33. Killing A Soundboy F. Buju Banton + Steele (World Premiere! Remix Prod. By J.Period)
34. Strictly Roots Interlude (Live Exclusive)
35. Watch Out For Babylon Freestyle (J.Period Jamrock Remix)
36. You Have To Respect Jersey (J.Period Exclusive)
37. Allies (F. Wise Intelligent)
38. Cowboys F. Fugees, Outsidaz & Rah Digga
39. Bam Bam Interlude (Prod. By J.Period)
40. Fu Gee La (Sly & Robbie Remix)
41. Ex-Factor (Simple Breakdown) (J.Period Headache Remix)
42. Simple Breakdown (J.Period Respiration Remix)
43. Change Comes Eventually Interlude
44. Everything Is Everything
45. Fugees: “Take It Easy” (Exclusive! Cuts By Jperiod)

Volume #2: Water

Volume Two: Water

1. Light My Fire / Jose Feliciano Intro
2. Superstar
3. Guantanamera
4. Fu Gee La (Refugees Remix)
5. Fu Gee La (Global Remix) (Unreleased)
6. Fu Gee La (J.Period Story To Tell Remix)
7. All My Time F. Paid & Live (Unreleased)
8. What About My Honey Mary? (Interlude)
9. Be With You (Remix) F. Mary J. Blige
10. All So Simple (Interlude)
11. Ex Factor
12. Manifest (Live In Uk – Unreleased)
13. The Sweetest Thing (Original)
14. Ziggy Marley Interlude
15. Turn Your Lights Down Low (Remix) F. Bob Marley
16. Cedella Marley Interlude
17. War (Live In Tokyo – Unreleased)
18. No More Trouble (Live In Tokyo – Unreleased)
19. Rehearsal (Backstage Exclusive)
20. Zion
21. On Having Children (Interlude)
22. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You
23. Bonita Applebum Interlude
24. Killing Me Softly
25. Killing Me Softly F. Mos Def (J.Period Remix)
26. Mos Def Interlude
27. Like Water F. Common & Black Thought (World Premiere! Remix Prod. By J.Period)
28. Musical Influences (Interlude)
29. I Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer
30. Nothing Even Matters (F. D’angelo)
31. Tell Him (Live)
32. Mr. Intentional (Live)
33. Message To The Critics
34. Sam Cooke Tribute
35. A Change Is Gonna Come (Unreleased)
36. Message To The Fans / Chris Rock Outtro
37. Redemption Song F. Ziggy Marley (Live In Jamaica)
38. On Gratitude (Interlude)
39. Reprise: The Passion (Outtro)
40. Bonus: Soon As I Get Home (Live In Sweden)

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