Dj QBert and his interactive album cover


An interactive album cover and some sounds coming from outer space … This is the latest album of Dj QBert!

For his latest album called Extraterrestria, the famous Dj QBert explores the depths of the galaxy to mix sounds from distant planets and parallel dimensions. A new sound from elsewhere, resolutely turned towards the future. The samples: Technical and inspired, total immersion. It is a feat of strength.

You will notice that once again, DJ QBert is well surrounded. Extraterrestria is full of guest appearances. Famous artists such as Dana Leonq, Chad Hugo, Kool Keith, The Del Funkyhomosapien, Mr.Lif, El-P, Soul Khan, Bambu, Madchild, DZK, have supported the project to complete the picture.
dj qbert and his interactive cover albim
But it would be wrong to believe that Dj QBert would stop his project right here. Conventional? Not for him. His desire led him to bring the concept of “Alien” at its paroxysm, trying to get in touch with a different form of life! And yeah!! Simply delusional…

So he concocted a surprise to the little green men. He, in fact, associated himself with Novalia, an agency specialized in Cross-Media, to imagine an album cover fully interactive! Nothing less!

Once your fingers are on it, the cover turns itself into a real MIDI controller (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) for Dj, allowing you to take control of the mobile app DJay2. Whatever the elements that compose the surface of the cover, all keys or buttons are assigned to be set with an element of the software interface.

In other words, through a Bluetooth chip, the cover is tactile and allows interactivity. This results in the ability to change the music, cross-fading or even scratch!
With such an idea, the whole Cosmos will rise!

You can listening to the album right below!