Dan McPharlin – The Vintage Artist


Between vinyl album covers and analog machines replicas, Dan McPharlin reveals his graphic universe

pretty lights cover album by dan mcpharlin

Dan McPharlin is an independent artist-designer, born in 1977 in Adelaide, Australia. He develops over time a unique graphical style combining contemporary art, science fiction, surrealism and the Victorian period. This artistic touch enabled him, among other things, to work on vinyl album covers, magazines, books, websites and also repeatedly exhibited his creations in Australia and beyond.

dan mcpharlin portrait
Photo : designboom © 2014

The Sci-Fi album covers

McPharlin has eyes and “know-how” to complete surreal landscapes with a particular atmosphere. His works are heavily based on the Science fiction’s Golden Era from the 70’s and 80’s. You would be blind to deny the influence of the “Space Wars” in his work. The books series and TV shows such as “Terran Trade Authority”, “Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors”, “Dragon Dream” or “Paper Tiger” were the biggest influences for him.

It is therefore with a strong visual identity and a lot of references attached to his work that he drew attention on him and found himself creating vinyl album covers for musical artists. His style definitely brings an extra touch to the album cover.
Dan McPharlin has worked on the covers of many artists such as:

* Pretty Lights

* Prefuse 73
* Dylan Ettinger
* The Sword

The Analogue Miniatures

In addition to be recognized as a talented illustrator, Dan McPharlin is also an excellent model maker since he creates miniatures and other more or less realistic machines. The sound art and electronic music, on which he is working in parallel, clearly influence his works. Created between 2006 and 2009, the “Analogue Miniatures” series is a good example.

This series is his own way to pay a tribute to modern synthesizers and analog recording equipment. Each piece is handmade from cardboard, paper, plastic, string and bits of adhesive tape.

– Aaaaah the joy of arts and crafts –