These ads that are using vinyl records as a way to sell anything


The vinyl record, cult and fascination object, reappears in all media since its “renaissance”. You see it in the street, on billboards, in sculptures, in magazines, etc. It shows itself, it emerges from the shadows in which it lurked itself in recent years. Failure to show it for what it is, namely a music support, it also served as a spearhead in numerous adverts, selling unrelated products.

We selected for you the best adverts from all around the world and we show you the most fun and offbeat ads from the television sphere who have used the vinyl record as a means to sell their products!

A too conditioned reflex

Bénédicta: The Record, France, 2001

In 2001, Bénédicta, the mayonnaise brand released a pretty funny ad. Bénédicta mayonnaise or when the reflex becomes conditioned. At the end, you can hear the promotional slogan: “Bénédicta : it can quickly becomes a habit”.

We play hide and seek

Penthouse: Hiding places, Netherland, 2002

Penthouse, the magazine charm, shows us that it is possible to hide it almost anywhere, including a vinyl collection!

Vinyl records transformed into pieces of art

Philips: Vinyl, USA, 2003

Who still needs his records when you have the Jukebox Recorder?

The art of creating samples

Three Bond: Sparks, Japan, 2009

A great way of cutting sample from a vinyl record with the super glue ThreeBond!

Going digital for your record collection?

Radioshack: Records, USA, 2008

This is probably one of the questions that vinyl collectors do not ask themselves. Should I go digital? Yet Radioshack offers you everything you need to get there!

An invitation to travel with Air France

Air France: Le passage, France, 2000

On a great music of The Chemical Brothers, Air France invites you to serenely travel on board of its aircraft. A pretty zen advertising!

Scratching becomes easy

Eclecticbreaks: Scratch, Australia, 2006

Scratching immediately becomes easier with the cross fader Pro X Fade by Eclecticbreaks!

A new haircut?

Mont Blanc: Afro, France

I do not really know why and for whom this ad has been made, but in any case, it’s funny. You can read in the video: “She has a secret, They have a plan”.

The stars’ groove

Perrier: The Cosmic Dance, France, 1991

It is on a good sound from James Brown that Perrier, sparkling water, makes dance the cosmos!

Everything is possible with Lego

Lego: His Master’s Voice, USA

Again a nice Lego construction!

A record that can’t be scratched

Spontex: The rocker, France, 1997

I will not try this at home! At the end of the video, you can hear the promotional slogan: “The Spontex sponge scrubs without scratching!”.

A pleasure to share

Durex: Get Rhythm, United Kingdom, 2012

The importance of having pleasure for two with Durex!

Strong bones, it’s important

Collective du lait: Jumpers, Belgium, 2009

Our parents always taught us to drink milk, it makes you stongers!

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